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Everyone needs to get around. How we do it will change more over the next decade than it has in the last century. Legacy automakers, like Ford and GM, are scrambling to become technology-savvy companies, and the tech industry is trying to cash in on the change. New players, like Rivian and Tesla, are disrupting the industry and sometimes stumbling. We look at how self-driving hardware and software make the automobile better or, in some cases, deeply flawed. We cut through the hype and empty promises to tell you what's really happening and what we think is coming. Verge Transportation cares about all moving machines and the place they have in the future.

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Automakers are ignoring the simple solution to the rise of traffic deaths

Automakers keep pitching a technological fix to our current traffic safety crisis when the real solution is much simpler

Andrew J. HawkinsSep 19

There’s no driving test for self-driving cars in the US — but there should be

Would a European-style regulatory system improve safety?

David ZipperSep 12